We envision a society where every human feels safe, valued, and respected, so that they’re able to live the fullest life possible. That’s why it’s our goal to ensure safe, stable communities by preventing and responding to domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking.

We do that through offering compassionate trauma-informed, survivor-led care to all who are impacted by violence, including survivors and their families. At the same time, we focus on community-wide prevention and education to build a safer, healthier Arizona.


Every step of the way, we provide support through a trauma-informed lens, which means that all of our staff and volunteers are trained in recognizing, respecting, and appropriately responding to the presence of trauma in the lives of those we serve. We genuinely listen to survivors and family members so that we’re able to respond to their unique needs, advocate for them, and respect their safety and privacy.

We recognize that anyone, of any age or identity, can be impacted by domestic and sexual violence. Our services extend to all, ranging from infants, teenagers, grandparents, and even pets. We welcome every member of the family so that, wherever possible, we can ensure that families stay together on their journey to healing.

A woman reads to a classroom of children

Beyond our individual and family care, we elevate community safety through education and collaboration with law enforcement, schools, and other institutions across Arizona. We provide prevention programming geared toward youth and teens, as well as sexual assault investigation training to help law enforcement officers learn and implement trauma-informed tactics.

Building communities free of violence is not an easy feat. With every aspect of our work, we’re that much closer to making it a reality for Arizonans.

Today, New Life Center is the largest domestic violence shelter in Arizona, serving more than 1,000 children and adults annually through its emergency shelter and outreach support programs while simultaneously helping to create an Arizona where all live free of domestic and sexual violence.

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