Sexual Assault Investigations Training

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Training Catalog

New Life Center provides statewide sexual assault investigation training for law enforcement, prosecution, and other criminal justice professionals. All training courses are taught by subject matter experts in the field, free to attend and may be AZPOST credit eligible. The following courses are currently being offered:

  • Foundations of Adult Sexual Assault Investigations – 8 hrs
  • One-Party Consent Calls – 4 hrs
  • Interviewing Victims and Trauma Response – 4 hrs
  • Interviewing those with Developmental Disabilities – 3 hrs
  • Investigating and Responding to Sexual Assault Utilizing a Multi-Disciplinary Team – 4 to 6 hrs
  • Understanding Forensic Nurse Examinations in Sexual Assault Investigations – 2 hrs
  • DNA and Sexual Assault Investigations – 2 hrs
  • Alcohol and Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault – 3 hrs
  • Human Trafficking Overview – 2 hrs


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